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Manufacturing Services

Full-Service Supplier of Automotive OEM Dynamic Sealing Systems

Founded in 1986 with the former Standard Products Company and Nishikawa Rubber Company (NRC); technology exchange agreements have existed between the two companies since 1970.

Nishikawa Rubber Company (NRC), is the only independent (non-keiretsu) dynamic sealing supplier with a customer base that includes all of the Japanese automotive companies, GM, Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Ferrari.  NRC is headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan.


Right Way

We conduct our company activities by always following a moral and ethical path. The true company growth comes from contributing to the well-being of the society and world prosperity.



We understand that every associate is critical to our success and we expect everyone to promote a “spirit of harmony”. It is most important to use good judgment when dealing with others, and build mutual support.



We recognize that the company essence depends on its creativity and spirit. Every individual must have pride in their work, and be responsible for their actions. We will face all challenges with patient resolve.

Cooper Standard Automotive (CSA) is among the world’s largest automotive OEM suppliers of sealing and fluid.  CSA is headquartered in Novi, Michigan.


Voice of the Customer

Cooper Standard designs and develops products to meet the current and future needs of its global customers. The Company listens intently and adjusts to customer feedback to ensure it is consistently providing customer-focused products while meeting evolving needs.


Superior Products

With a focus on core products, Cooper Standard provides customers with market-leading solutions with predicable quality that meet or exceed expectations.


World Class Operations

Cooper Standard is committed to sustained excellence through the Cooper Standard Operating System, the Company’s customized set of global best practice tools designed for optimization that are driving Cooper Standard’s global success.


Engaged Employees

Cooper Standard employees are the heart and soul of the Company and the key factor in the Company’s success. Committed to excellence and driven to succeed, Cooper Standard employees never lose sight of the Company’s overall vision and strategy.

Safety Is Our Expertise

We understand each individual’s well being stems from the company prosperity. Prosperity is attained by respecting the organization, following the rules, eliminating wasteful activities, and preventing accidents.  Thus, we must cultivate our steady, sincere, unfettered, and well-ordered corporate culture.

Our Work



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