About Us

Founded in 1986 with the former Standard Products Company and Nishikawa Rubber Company (NRC); technology exchange agreements have existed between the two companies since 1970.

Full-Service Supplier of Automotive OEM Dynamic Sealing Systems owned jointly by Nishikawa Rubber Company (60%) and Cooper Standard Automotive (40%).

Nishikawa Rubber Company (NRC), is the only independent (non-keiretsu) dynamic sealing supplier with a customer base that includes all of the Japanese automotive companies, GM, Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. NRC is headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan.

Cooper Standard Automotive (CSA) is among the world’s largest automotive OEM suppliers of sealing and fluid. CSA is headquartered in Novi, Michigan.

Our Story

Providing Quality Products Since 1986

We strive to preserve our energy and natural resources by promoting conservation projects and implementing a green-purchasing policy that reduces global warming, pollution, waste generation, and promotes “reuse, reduce, and recycle”.

We conduct our business ethically with respect to cultures, customs and history to contribute to the local society and economy. We also promote a safe and pleasant automotive experience for all by contributing through our road safety campaign.

Committed To

Safety is one of the main focuses of our Company!

We strive to be world class in protecting our employees and protecting the communities we conduct business in.

We are 100% landfill free for protecting our environment.

For Our Customers

We appropriately manage information to respect the confidentiality of our customers, suppliers, our company and any other associated parties. We comply with all laws, ordinances; social disciplines and company rules while at home, or in a foreign country, and behave according to the spirit of those laws.

For Our Employees

We value the differences and contributions of employees. We ensure a safe and respectful environment with a focus on environmentally responsible materials, products, and procedures. We are driven by our desire and responsibility to help those in need.


Our Locations

Topeka, IN  46571
Extruding and Finishing
500 Employees

Bremen, IN  46506
400 Employees

Fort Wayne, IN 46808
200 Employees

Livonia, MI 48150
 Sales & Product Design
 22 Employees

Fort Wayne Plant II, IN 46808
200 Employees


Topeka - 324 Morrow St, Topeka, Indiana 46571
Bremen - 501 High Road, Bremen, Indiana 46506
Fort Wayne - 2785 Persistance Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808
Livonia - 17197 North Laurel Pk. Drive, Livonia MI 48152
Fort Wayne Plant II - 5120 Investment Drive, Fort Wayne, IN. 46808


(260) 593- 2156