Our Values

Nisco Value #1


We are honest, moral, humble and kind. We know that we will get more done when we work as a team. We focus on creating a culture of trust so that we can depend on each other better.

Nisco Value #2


We motivate through teamwork. We know that teamwork makes the dream work. Nishikawa Cooper is able to be who we are based on the team that inspires each other to greatness.

Nisco Value #3


We ensure all employees have a safe work environment to work. We are fully engaged in protecting our employees by offering safe products and practicing safety activities.

Nisco Value #4


We develop, enrich people and quality through diversity. We know that having an atmosphere of diversity will bring out the best of every culture. In fact, we know that we’re better together! We are an equal opportunity employer and promote continuous improvement through a diverse workforce.

Nisco Value #5


We strive to be positive and promising with forward thinking. We continue to be a “flexible and robust company” which can adapt to any changes as needed. We focus on continuous improvement while delivering world-class products.


Topeka - 324 Morrow St, Topeka, Indiana 46571
Bremen - 501 High Road, Bremen, Indiana 46506
Fort Wayne - 2785 Persistance Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808
Livonia - 17197 North Laurel Pk. Drive, Livonia MI 48152
Fort Wayne Plant II - 5120 Investment Drive, Fort Wayne, IN. 46808


(260) 593- 2156